No More Oil And Gas Production In France Post 2040

In what could be termed as a symbolic decision, France passed legislation in its parliament earlier this Tuesday to put an end to production and exploration of oil and gas on its territory by the year 2040. With this bill, France becomes the first country in the world to take such action. While it is a bold and a concrete step in the direction to curb global warming the decision is largely a symbolic one, as France produces just 1% of the hydrocarbons of its total requirements. Currently, hydrocarbons to the tune of just 6 million barrels are produced by France.

No More Oil And Gas Production In France Post 2040

Along with this, the bill also restricts renewing of any of its existing concessions beyond 2040. Plus, from now on, no permits for new explorations will be granted. The country that heavily relies on imports of petroleum products will continue to do so.

President Emmanuel Macron, who was elected earlier in May this year, has taken a lead role for his nation to fight climate change and global warming. In his address at a summit held last week, he stressed that the efforts that were currently being taken were not enough to thwart climate change.

The historic decision will infuse life in the landmark consensus on climate change on which 200 nations agreed upon back in 2015, after the U.S. President Donald Trump pulled out from the deal.

However, it must be noted that while the world hailed such move by President Macron, things at the home ground are not as smooth. This historic decision has faced criticism from hard core left group France Unbowed stayed away from voting, while the conservative Republicans casted their vote against the bill. The bill was voted for by Macron’s party—Republic on the Move, centrists and left leaning forces.

France also intends to put an end to diesel and gasoline vehicle sale by 2040.