Amazon Go—The ‘No Cashiers’ Shop In Seattle

Amazon has come up with a new technology store shopping which has been named as Amazon Go. The store requires no registration for getting into it and the unique part is it doesn’t consist of a cashier or do anyone has to carry cash for shopping. The Amazon Go which is an online retail store has opened on Monday in Seattle, in which the shoppers can take potato chips, milk or salads from the shelves and walk out of the store. Amazon’s technology makes it sure that they charge the consumers after they leave the store.

Amazon Go—The ‘No Cashiers’ Shop In Seattle

Amazon employees started testing the stores on the ground floor of the headquarters of the company in Seattle for almost a year. The official members of the company have informed that the stores are using computer vision, sensors and machine learning algorithms to keep a mark of what people are taking off the shelves.

The shoppers entering the store have to scan the Amazon Go smartphone application to unlatch the plastic doors. When a customer pulls off a product from the store shelf, it gets added to the virtual cart of the shopper and if the product is placed back on shelve, then the virtual cart gets it removed. The shoppers must have a debit or credit card and a Smartphone so that Amazon can link to be charged. The stores are made available to few employees who can help the shoppers with the Amazon Go app and help them shopping and guide them to exit.

Only a few technologies are visible to shoppers in the store, like black boxes, cameras, open ceiling and green flashlights. Amazon is taking the expansion of the stores on a serious ground. It has opened a lot of bookshops and also Whole Foods stores last year, by making it 470 grocery shops in total.