Apps Had A Lion’s Share Of 1.4 Lakh Crore To India’s GDP

Applications on the Internet contributed Rs 1.4 Lakh Crore to GDP of India in 2016–2017. This was revealed by a study rolled out last week. It anticipates the figure to rise to Rs 18 Lakh Crore by the end of 2020. Manoj Sinha, the minister of communications, rolled out the survey last week. He further said to the media in his statement that since data is going to boost the market as compared to the voice, the ministry has also started a move to look again at the present Telecom Policy via public discussion.

Apps Had A Lion’s Share Of 1.4 Lakh Crore To India’s GDP

The survey, carried out by the Broadband India Forum and the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), discovers out that almost 50% of the contribution to the economy of the internet might be as a result of apps.

“The Internet economy might contribute up to almost $537.4 Billion to GDP of India by the end of 2020, of which at least of almost $270.9 Billion might be as a result to apps,” states the survey. The survey uses different logical regression models and economic analyses to calculate and isolate the effect of apps on the economy of the Indian market. It has calculated this influence throughout 19 telecom circles that are neighboring with state boundaries. The survey is referred as “Estimating the value of new generation internet bases applications in India.”

“Since not all usage of the Internet is as a result of apps or based on apps, we make the estimate a tad bit sensible by utilizing suppositions on the amount of contribution of apps to the economy of Internet in the Indian market,” reveals the survey. Applications or apps are most of the times utilized on smartphones, to carry out particular tasks. The survey calculates usage of Internet on the basis of the “Virtual Networking Index” predictions of Cisco, the popular IT company.